Pedro Alves

Routine Tracker


A work-in-progress routine tracker

Being someone who generally struggles with routines, I decided to create a mobile application to help me get things done. While it is still a work-in-progress and not available, the end goal is to be able to schedule routines comprised of several steps, which the app will help you remember, while still being flexible to allow for one-off changes.

An example routine

Here’s an example lay-down routine:

  • Pick out tomorrow’s clothes (5min)
  • Change into pyjamas (1min)
  • Put out today’s clothes (2min)
  • Brush teeth (3min)


With this app, I hope to create some sort of gamification of routines, in order to encourage the full set to be done. This is similar to apps like Habitica, however I’ve found that almost all of them focus on habits (several independent tasks throughout the day), and not routines (sequences of tasks which are generally done in order).

Once I am satisfied with the state of the app, I plan on releasing it for Android and, if possible, iOS, under a yet-to-be-determined monetization scheme.

Headshot of Pedro Alves

Hi, I'm Pedro. I'm a computer engineering student from Braga, Portugal. I'm most known for creating NixVim. You can follow me on GitHub, or read some things I've written over on this website!