Pedro Alves

3D raytracer

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A 3D raytracer with a built-in scene description format, implemented in C++

As part of a Lighting and Visualization class, as part of a 3-person team, I helped develop a simple C++-based raytracer. Using a simple JSON-based scene description languaged which could be automatically exported from Blender, it partly implemented Disney’s Principled BSDF shader to produce realistic-looking images.

It is, unfortunately, limited to fairly low polygon counts: the focus for this project was rendering accuracy, with optimization as an after-thought. Simple optimization techinques could easily result in a 100x performance improvement.

Here are some sample images:

Cube with glossy wall

Simple night scene

Headshot of Pedro Alves

Hi, I'm Pedro. I'm a computer engineering student from Braga, Portugal. I'm most known for creating NixVim. You can follow me on GitHub, or read some things I've written over on this website!