Pedro Alves


elixirphoenix liveview

A real-time sports betting site constructed with Phoenix LiveView

Created as part of a university assignment, RASBet is a real-time sports betting site implemented using Phoenix LiveView. While obviously being fictional in nature, it was one of the first times me and my team developed a full product from start to finish, starting with requirements and mockups and ending with a working web application.

Phoenix LiveView proved time and time again to be the best tool for the task - the productivity gains were easily felt, and resulted in a maintainable codebase that could easily be expanded into a proper product.

The RASBet home page

Headshot of Pedro Alves

Hi, I'm Pedro. I'm a computer engineering student from Braga, Portugal. I'm most known for creating NixVim. You can follow me on GitHub, or read some things I've written over on this website!