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nixneovimopen source

A set of Nix modules to configure Neovim

When I first started using Nix, I felt like there should be a better way to manage my Neovim configs - something like Home Manager, but focused on Neovim. That led me to create NixVim, and over 600 commits later, it’s doing a lot better than I ever expected it to.

With over 40 contributors, and officially being under the Nix Community umbrella, it’s easy to say NixVim has become an essential tool for those wishing to create Nix-based configurations for Neovim.

None of this would have been possible without the help from the other maintainers, namely Gaétan Lepage, and the remaining community contributors - whether by contributing code, issues, or documentation, they helped take this project much further than I would have been able to on my own.

With that said, if any of this piques your interest, feel free to check out the GitHub repo!

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Hi, I'm Pedro. I'm a computer engineering student from Braga, Portugal. I'm most known for creating NixVim. You can follow me on GitHub, or read some things I've written over on this website!