Dec 19, 2017

Okcart Shutting Down

OKCart will be shutting down by the end of the year, please withdraw all of your coins from it by then. Any coins not claimed will be put into a wallet for each account, whose private key will be emailed to the respective user. This method is much less secure than withdrawing, so please try to withdraw by the deadline.

That’s it, really. If you care, I will list the reasons for this bellow.

In the beginning of the year, I started working on a website called okcart. It was a simple idea - make an ebay-like site for the cryptocurrency OKCash (whose comunity I had recently gotten into).

This was a bad idea.

The codebase quickly got complicated, with over 3000 lines of code in some files (code). It was hard to push updates. And most importantly, it was expensive, costing over $15 a month for something that made $5 total. That was the problem, really. It didn’t have enough traffic to pay for itself, with under 50 transactions in its history.

I won’t say this wasn’t my fault. I neglected the codebase and let it rot. It’s poorly documented and implemented, and there was little to no marketing to drive traffic to the site.

But now it’s gone, and I’m glad it’s gone. I learned a lot.